Andrew “Just Drew” Wilson

Andrew Wilson is a native Washingtonian born and raised in NE.
In 2010 Andrew became a sales rep for J.B. Rock Wholesale. Shortly thereafter, Andrew was promoted to Vice President of Urban Development tasked with the introduction of high-end spirits to the urban community. Currently, Andrew is working to introduce Rancho Miravelle’ tequila to the urban market. With more special spirits to come

Andrew has been involved in many business ventures during the course of his life but by far the most interesting is a popular lifestyle group. In 2016 after joining the Admin Team of that group lifestyle group an opportunity to become an investor, Andrew found out he has an automatic turn up that has no off switch. Life of the party is the understatement when describing him at any lifestyle event. Also, as a regular at Adult Konversations, Andrew found he has no problems exposing the real on what he’s into and going thru.

When asked to describe his turn up words like “fun” “wild” and “all the way up” are the most commonly used.