About US

The Adult Konversation show will be live every Tuesday at 9:00 PM. We will battle it out as we discuss Men & Women Relationship questions, goals, and x-rated thoughts. We will dive into areas considered too taboo to discuss but everyone wants to talk about: Relationships, Love, Dating, Lifestyle, and Sexual Awareness.

Our viewers are welcome and encouraged to participate in discussion and share thoughts. Questions can be emailed to Questions@AdultKonversation.com or you can IM Adult Konversation on Facebook. The hosts will read their questions and viewers questions live each week for the host/viewer to answer.  The only requirement is that you keep it REAL.

The show is co-hosted by Kandy Brown, Sunshine, Drew, and Unrestricted D.  Our dynamic hosts will provide you a keeping it real and fresh take on all aspects of relationships. Whether Married, Dating or Single, this is for you!!!