Why You Shouldn’t Spy Or Snoop On Your Partner

Sometimes, you just have this gut feeling that something is off in your relationship. Of course, the first thing you want to do is snoop or spy on your partner to see if your intuition is true or not. But no matter how much you want to get to the bottom of your feeling, it’s never a good idea to do this. All of us have trust issues, some more than others, but this doesn’t give you the authority to go and spy on them. Snooping will only wreck your relationship and it’s something you might never be able to come back from. So before you give in to snooping on your partner if you feel something is off, here are a few things to remember why you shouldn’t engage in it:


1. You’re sabotaging your trust

Trust is key to any relationship, so when you break it, what’s left in the relationship? Once you start spying or snooping, you break that trust that you and your partner have, which can be hard to gain again later down the road, especially if it turns out your gut was wrong about everything. Your partner might never be able to trust you again! Do you really want to risk that?  

2. You’re just looking for trouble

When you go looking for trouble, you always find it…even if it wasn’t there to begin with. Snooping through their phone, emails or calls will only make you crazy and you’ll find something that really doesn’t mean a lot. But because you went looking for something bad, you train your mind to find it no matter what.


3. It’s unbecoming

People snoop or spy on their partner because they are insecure themselves. It speaks volumes on you, more than your partner. And there’s nothing wrong with being insecure – what’s wrong is how you are going about it. Instead of snooping, just be upfront with your partner as to why you’re feeling insecure or are feeling uneasy about your relationship.  

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4. You’re invading their privacy

How would you feel if your partner was snooping on you? Not too good, right? Everyone has a right to privacy. Your partner might be acting suspicious for a reason, so just be straightforward with them and ask them instead of going behind their back!  

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