First Date Dos and Don’ts

1. Don’t be unrealistic

Go into the date with realistic thoughts. Don’t get ahead of yourself before the date, which means, don’t imagine them as Mr. or Mrs. Right and your future spouse. Keep your expectations realistic so that you aren’t hurt or angry at the end of the date. This will allow you to calm down a bit and be less anxious about the date’s expectations.

2. Be open to date ideas

You might think the perfect date is dinner and drinks, but be open to some other date ideas. Remember, you want to show that you can have fun in any situation!

3. Do Wear something appealing but not too sexy

Of course you want to make a great first impression and wear something that really shows off your looks, but don’t dress in such a way that you’re uncomfortable throughout the date because you’re revealing too much. Do wear appropriate clothing for the type of date you’re going on instead.


4. Do be yourself

It’s always a good idea to be yourself on the first date so that they can see who you really are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not to live up to someone’s expectations. Don’t try and change based on what they tell you so that they like you more. Be real and upfront about who you are so that they can get a feel both of you match or not.

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5. Don’t reveal too much

As you get to know each other on the first date, it’s easy to want to spill your entire life story to them, but save things for following dates. You don’t want to lay all your cards on the table at once.

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